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Mask TV’s Eid gift for its viewers: Free streaming of the film Azamgarh

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On the auspicious occasion of Meethi Eid / Eid Al Fitr, the movie Azamgarh, which is going to be streamed on Mask TV OTT platform, is available for its viewers to watch through free subscription code.
Pankaj Tripathi’s hoarding controversy that film Azamgarh looped in ,scheduled to stream on Mask TV OTT platform on 28 April.
But according to promoter Sanjay Bhatt, for those people of the country who are waiting for gifts on Eid al-Fitr, he is trying to get Azamgarh movie streamed for free for a limited time.
The film is written, directed by Kamlesh Mishra, produced by Chiranjeevi Bhatt and Anju Bhatt and music composed by Bapi Bhattacharya. Adorned with the performances of talented artists like Pankaj Tripathi, Amita Walia, Anuj Sharma, this film is an Eid gift for Azamgarh, which can change the stereotype mindset of the audiences. Pratap somavanshi has penned naare Hain Angare Hain (slogans are embers)………fpr azamgarh;is a fitting theme song sung by Sagar Kendurkar.Most delighted will be viewers who get to watch Azamgarh movie along with all premium content for free for a limited period of time.It includes hundreds of hours of movies,web series and shows .The Mask TV OTT platform continues to impress with its diverse and unique content.

Channel producer Mansie Bhatt bubbles with excitement while quoting a beautiful qawwali words written composed and sung by Nizami Bandhus“ Kiski lagi nazar ghul gaya hai zehar…..“ getting popular as listeners have found such musically moving words and phrases woven together after a long time.

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